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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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~CUM*DIARIES~ - sex.stories

wot stories du want
I'm hot man I need a hot aunty I'm now in kwt I'm indian I need aunty for sex partner any interesting aunty pls message me
15.04.2014 01:53 EDT, khalifa59
I'm new for this site. I need airtel net card. I will do sexchat who send me a airtel net card.
12.04.2014 01:44 EDT, kohila4
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05.04.2014 06:22 EDT, mzfilthy0
Hai my name is selvam my age 25 I need sex with female's interested contact me my number 9884226868 I am single chennai only 9884226868
03.04.2014 05:16 EDT, selvam9884226868
hiy my name kali babyes callme chellam ok Thanks Thanks
02.04.2014 02:27 EDT, kaliselvam
Hi lady chut do lund lo 8767711047 mumbi
30.03.2014 13:00 EDT, arzoo42
yaru araniku pakkathula irukinga vidiya kalaila 4 maniku vanthingana aunty okkalam 200rs dhan
hai girls unagaluku x chat pananum asa iruntha my phn ku sms pananuga 7598316149 my name vishnu age 20 no frnds no x exp pa and ungaluku pidicha real x panalam and only girls between 15 to26 age girls sms me boys pls stay and boys dont try to miss use me boys pls stay away dont sms me girls are always welcome
29.03.2014 07:14 EDT, lavanya.009
Hi Every girls .., feel free to chat wit me ... just message me what ever u r thinking..
25.03.2014 13:45 EDT, pacyboy
hi any sexy females want to real secret sex .sex chat .than call/ms me 08553438915 only sexy females contact me no males contact me ok
19.03.2014 04:58 EDT, rafeeq
Hai i am ajay in chennai see my photo in blog my no 8807441399
15.03.2014 06:22 EDT, mafia711 [see my blog]
ennada ithu okka girlse illa
09.03.2014 19:15 EDT, madanvinothraj
04.03.2014 00:24 EST, rrizalram
i want incet malayalam storys
03.03.2014 23:19 EST, spermbank.
i want to write my ownstorys
03.03.2014 23:17 EST, spermbank.
Hi. I'm karthik. Who want decent chat add with me... I expect more girls and auntys... See my photos in my site...
03.03.2014 23:07 EST, kumarkarthick
17.02.2014 09:15 EST, ariful.islam is my email id.i am 20 year old female from india. my nimbuzz id is vdcute.add me only indian.
17.02.2014 09:07 EST, vdcute
Sex stories
10.02.2014 18:23 EST, munna78620
Ok fine
10.02.2014 18:21 EST, munna78620
hai ungaluku panam venuma unga kita irukura items num enaku kudunga avangaluku nan custormer anupuren athula ungaluku 10per tharen intha panam continuesa varum ungaluku okna msg me
08.02.2014 21:13 EST, asbecx
any sex interested females please c my blog arju9 and reply me
06.02.2014 07:36 EST, chitraraj
hi girls auntys na surya in chennai sex panna call me 9566080851
04.02.2014 14:21 EST, surya9716
koi bhi ladki ko sex karna h ya phone sex karna h toh call karo 9098430131
20.01.2014 14:49 EST, vikkugau
Hai Girls call now with women I am waiting 9043336698
18.01.2014 12:18 EST, sham.chennai.9043330
Hi i am siva .hi girls and auntys neenga chennai la irukingala ungakuda yarukum theriyama sex vechikunuma cal me 9551853619
06.01.2014 04:04 EST, tamil.payan.siva.0.00
Hi i am siva . Hi girls and auntys ungaluku yarukum theriyama sex vechukunuma cal me i am fresh.
06.01.2014 04:00 EST, tamil.payan.siva.0.00
02.01.2014 12:42 EST, sibin.t.dhas
hi girls my name saran ungaluku chat pana ahasa iruntha 8015327654 any time mes or cal me
30.12.2013 00:27 EST, ssa11
Hi im sam me mumbai se hu me 1 fucker boy hu meri age 23 he aur mere lund ki size 7 inch lamba aur 3 inch mota he aur me har tarah ki chudai karta hu aur jaise bolo waisi msaage bi karta hu only girls auntie bhabhi ko masaage karta hu aur kisi aunty ya bhabhi ko apnipyas bujani ho woh mujeh 1 msg kare ya apna contect num send kare me har tarah k shot maarta hu jaise tum bolo waise jaldi msg karo uske pehle ki me kisi aur ko chodne jao fast & gay logo ko bi hard servicedeta hu come fast pay & enjoy My whatsApp num 7666075137
24.12.2013 02:37 EST, smsam7865
hi i am from patna, any sis with me sex '9504352543
21.12.2013 08:28 EST, GAY FUCK ME HARD ! I AM BATTOM
Anybody like brother sister sex?
19.12.2013 08:18 EST, king6500
17.12.2013 04:47 EST, asss15
Any 1 near by nagapatinam or thiruvarur pls contact me i am frank.age 21 my phone numr 8121126812
05.12.2013 03:17 EST, frankarthick
Hii girls & aunty , yenaku sex pananum nu romba aasai. Any girls and aunty real sex venum na msg me na unga pundai ya nakkite irupen am waiting ur msg
04.12.2013 13:15 EST,
Add me girls
04.12.2013 05:00 EST, siva.sakthi4
Call me any time girls 8266058964
03.12.2013 10:50 EST, prateek.jatt
hai name is age 20.i am near to tirunelveli.i am bottom.nellai and nagercoil gays call me.9600860424
01.12.2013 15:54 EST, Raji Crossy(Thirunangai)
i m viki ena oka yarum readya enaku msg panunga i gv num vandhu ena kadhara kadhara olunga vikram 24 im
01.12.2013 12:02 EST, vikram8100
unn kitta pesura oru. 10 mins sugathuku. Unn. Kitta annupikura 10 mins sugaa thuku unna kasu kudu kurathuku. oru 10 people ku oru velai satham vagi kutha aatha santhom than de unn maiyana santhosam. by. all is well karthic
30.11.2013 09:39 EST, karthic19930
Whos grls is tntrsted in sex pls chat me .....
28.11.2013 06:17 EST, sudeep.singh.kohli
I want to know what sperm tastes like.
25.11.2013 10:05 EST, lively3
40+auntys call me9043360382
23.11.2013 12:32 EST, arunkumar2419
I like tamil vido auntys pls call me 9043360382
23.11.2013 12:31 EST, arunkumar2419
pls pls pls fuck me.i want group sex.
22.11.2013 04:02 EST, fuckmemorepls
hai iam saravanan girls or auntys call my number 9003361537
21.11.2013 12:35 EST, sri7299
safeah oomba okka poolu venuma,msg me aunties only,no girls.
21.11.2013 04:02 EST, manmadhan6239
lesbo grls cme to site
20.11.2013 04:02 EST, Abinaya
This is muthu nellai i am pure bottom gay 9042207045 nan kadara kadara vidiya vidiya enna kundila ohka peria neelamana sunni ulla valipargal contact
12.11.2013 14:23 EST, muthuprdeep1455
Chennai girls or aunty only replay me. I am waiting
12.11.2013 14:00 EST, Madhu
Hi girls...naa romba moodla iruka.aduku rendu kaaranam....onnu naa kai adika matten rendu en chithi thaa...avala pathu naa romba soodu ayita...ava mela ulla veriya unga mela kattara...en profile vanga aunties.....
09.11.2013 13:22 EST, prabha.swty
7401652010 plz chennai aunties cal me for fun
07.11.2013 04:58 EST,
06.11.2013 14:19 EST, shubham9865
06.11.2013 14:19 EST, shubham9865
06.11.2013 01:23 EST, homo gays okalam vanka
hi tamil girls unga mudi niraintha pundaya nakki me my num on my profile
05.11.2013 12:27 EST, Horse.cock10inch0
hi am priya only sex chat 9551106972 pls don't cal
05.11.2013 09:59 EST, sugi19
Any girls or aunty pls enaku cal panunga i am very intrest for sex plz give me one chance
04.11.2013 12:26 EST, Griswin
I'm pure top. Yaruku en pool venum? Enaku msg pannunga frds...
01.11.2013 00:29 EDT, karthickkumar7120 (see my blog)
girls incest stories
30.10.2013 11:49 EDT, batchola
Reply me Priya
29.10.2013 01:09 EDT, lol1230
29.10.2013 01:09 EDT, lol1230
S .. . Any aunty r teen thr
29.10.2013 01:08 EDT, lol1230
I m 21 . . Boy. .any aunty and teen need sex from coimbatore. . Mail me. . . V met and njoy
29.10.2013 01:06 EDT, lol1230
Hi sex chat pananuma
27.10.2013 09:34 EDT, priya7466
26.10.2013 16:23 EDT, dexterzy
This my frd numbr 7502344143
22.10.2013 01:50 EDT, durgadevi19920
hai cal me boys 8012650399 by yr durga
22.10.2013 01:49 EDT, durgadevi19920
hi am 28 yrs male frm pondicherry. i want mature unsatisfied housewifes, auntys and marrid couples of any age for real sex call me 8012727127 i assure it will be secret and give u full satisfication
20.10.2013 21:55 EDT, Prema
girls,auntys vanga8144595887
15.10.2013 09:32 EDT, hari. male avoid call plz
hot sexy girls cll kaor or masti lo 08647842119
15.10.2013 07:32 EDT, raj.raj103
iam jeeva.7639411840. real sex panalama? call femals
08.10.2013 09:11 EDT,
apne shahar me chudane ke liye no. ya mail id pe suchit kare 09758519657
04.10.2013 13:53 EDT, Yogendra Yadav +919758519657
hi im sam from mumbai me ek top ho mujhe koi ek botm chaheye jo mere lund se pyaar kare aur mujhse har roz chodwaye mera lund chuse agar koi hai to mujhe whatsapp pe msg. kare 8898814326 ye mera whatsapp id hai me jogeshwari oshewara me reheta hu
03.10.2013 00:47 EDT, smsam7865
nan nalla nakkuven enaku koothivenum callme 9710767323
01.10.2013 12:13 EDT, kupe1
I m smart bottam varansi gazipur mau azamgarh ke real sex ke liye call me 7408328906 charge apply sunday ko full maza lo
hi shravan, from ludhiana, 20years. Anyone interested in m2m today or tomorow and has place. Msg me. I am versatile, 5.6", fair and clean shaved.
23.09.2013 10:27 EDT, Shravan
hai i am hari. tamil auntys,girls call me8144595887
21.09.2013 11:13 EDT, hari. male avoid call plz
hello mai ek bisexual boy hun. Koi bhiladka ya ladki mujse sex krna chahta haito contact kar sakta hai..
04.09.2013 09:02 EDT, ansh64
koi dost banega kya mera ? 8727999964
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I'm a call boy. contact me on my nimbuzz id sweetguy_123 and kik messanger id : robin557
29.08.2013 16:16 EDT, robin557
29.08.2013 08:07 EDT, tamil.thevidiya2
vangada okkalam.enaku punda arikudu da.
29.08.2013 08:06 EDT, tamil.thevidiya2
i m a sexy lady.pleas i need call boy..7489913736
28.08.2013 00:29 EDT, akeli.bhabhi7489913736
i wnt 2 read sex stories pls
26.08.2013 13:47 EDT, batchola
pls call me ma 8903639539,argent ma,,,
26.08.2013 13:21 EDT, selvapriya17
pls call me ma 8903639539
26.08.2013 13:19 EDT, selvapriya17
mera naam anu h main ladka hu 23agehmujheland chusna gaand mervana bahutpasandhormera sapna h 2 3 ankal mujhe chodeeksathage30 se jada honi chaiye main cheeknahuagerkoiintrasted ho then msg me i m fromdelhi
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maine kisi larki ke sath sex nahi kiya hai agar koi karwana ya baat karna chahta ho to phone kare 7549565856 per
17.08.2013 07:22 EDT, shivam kumar
my name is shivam kumar peperonity pa petrol fb pa petrol and google pa petrolsk
17.08.2013 07:19 EDT, shivam kumar
I'm mohit from karnataka. I want to act in gay porn movie. 09900289003
16.08.2013 07:34 EDT, padmashankar
mujhe gay sex partne chahiye h koi hote damdar gay jo mere land se apna land milakar pyar de sake. ho to a jayemeri life m
15.08.2013 06:22 EDT, jatin.
mera naam anu h main ladka hu 23 agehmujheland chusna gaand mervana bahut pasandhormera sapna h 2 3 ankal mujhe chode eksathage30 se jada honi chaiye main cheekna huagerkoiintrasted ho then msg me i m from delhi
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delhi, ncr or all u.p. ki chudasi girls, bhabhi or anties , secret n safe sex ke liye call or sms me...09758519657bottom can try it also.
09.08.2013 16:55 EDT, Yogendra Yadav +919758519657
dear guys msg me for sex chat dont call me ok: 7845147666
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tamil girls okkanuma pundaiya nakkanuma call or message pannunga 8344652866
08.08.2013 07:20 EDT, Karthik
Hi i m cool and sexi gay contact no. Is8687754422 plz cal me and enjoy
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sext me 6015774071
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Hi dr girls :-) shall we do some fun? If u not interested means can u plz give any other girls and auntys num for me? My num 9600597662
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hi boys sex chat venuma? First docomo card top up send pannunga apram na ful ah ungakoda sex chat pandra:-) apram pidichuiruntha real ah pandra!
26.07.2013 04:02 EDT, pacyboy
sex story anything
25.07.2013 10:04 EDT, sellam60
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hi girls
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12.07.2013 22:11 EDT, jothi891
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i want tamil hot girls & auntys with safe sex... Contact 8015614833
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chudwane ke liye call kare-9431655526
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girls and auntys ungaluku yarukum theriyama sex vechikanuma chennai la irukuravanga mattum pls cal me .9551853619 by siva cal me
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I need sex chat 8973738482
03.07.2013 05:42 EDT, selvakumar806
I love u...
28.06.2013 21:50 EDT, arman5083
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Hi tamil girls and auntys, if u want tamil sex fun, then call me... Normal or hot chat... My no 8015710575
09.06.2013 07:43 EDT, Nirmal
Hi tamil girls and auntys, if u want tamil sex fun, then call me... Normal or hot chat... My no 8015710575
09.06.2013 07:43 EDT, Nirmal
hai ammava okka idea vanum
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i am male 26 yrs seeking for female visit my blog and mail me
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10.05.2013 06:57 EDT, Hai
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10.05.2013 06:51 EDT, Hai
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