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Abusing Room | chat

Abusing Room
Here you can write in your mother language, if you want to fight against each other, please do this here.

Other chat rooms like coffe bar should just be used with english language so that anyone can be integrated.

: From: xxxx Sent: 24.05.2017 21:23 BST flowing my hair aside... :) softly whispering on ur lips that its not fair to seduce me so much.. mmmh... im feeling so excited as u pressing me.. ohh dean.. mm :) softly wrapping my arms around ur neck.. baby u are so fantastic.. mmh -----Original Message----- From: wwwww Sent: 24.05.2017 23:18 EEST Ok babe i help myself :D let go of my hands mmm let me at them.. mmm licking ur lips and pressing my chest against ur hard nipples mmm ur such a teaser baby mwah mwah but i love it mmm :)
: Hai koi moti gand wali chut
: From: xxxx Sent: 24.05.2017 21:05 BST not wearing it :)) please dont roar, its making me too much weak.. :) -----Original Message----- From: wwwww Sent: 24.05.2017 23:02 EEST Roar, i'm wild for u my dear.. Mmm dont make me nibble ur bra straps mwahh :D
: Koi callgirl hai

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