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* YOUR Opinion * | meaninglove

* YOUR Opinion *
yOuR OpiNiOn
14.02.2015 12:37 EST,
The art of the serie is surely the 7th chapter. No successor reach it, and before technology seemed to be not enough.Thanks uematsu, thanks nomura, thanks to the old squaresoft. Laudato tempori acti.
24.01.2006 14:32 EST,
I want Cloud!
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Cloud i´m Aeris how you can see i´m alive and i want to tell you ´i love you´ and i want a night of love with you! Please answer me here and soon.
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
W ff!
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Why Aeris dead?That´s not right,i hope she will revive in ff advent children.
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I have all the ff but my favorite is the 7,i think Cloud is really beautiful,and i´m sorry about Aeris! Ps.I´m an italian girl if some ff fan want to talk with me my number is 3295418449
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Hello,i´m italian and i really love ff 7!
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I still wonder y Bogenhagen died...
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I didnt know? Why didnt she revive
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Did u no aeris was supposed 2 b revived but becuz ov demand 4 ff7 they cut it short
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I´m a big ff fan especially ff7.
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Excuse my disgusting english. I m a italian boy. Im 15. I have all ff. 1to 10-2.I think im ti biggest ff fan. My numb. 00393405301099.
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT

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